Identity Theft Information Guide

WHAT TO DO IF YOU HAVE BECOME A VICTIM OF IDENTITY THEFT NOTIFY THE POLICE OR SHERIFF’S OFFICE:  If you believe that your identity has been fraudulently used by another person without your consent, contact your local Police Department or Sheriff’s Office to file a criminal report.  Document the names and phone numbers of everyone […]


Identity Theft and Credit Repair Attorney

At Wiley Legal, PLLC, we are dedicated to representing clients who are overwhelmed with complex consumer law disputes. Whether you have been a victim of identity theft, require help with correcting errors on your credit reports or have been sued by a creditor, we can provide effective representation that can secure your financial future and protect your rights immediately.

Identity theft is a traumatic experience that can leave you with time-consuming burdens and substantial financial losses. With advances in technology, these cases have been on the rise. Unlawful disclosure of credit reports, e-mail scams, and the interception of bank statements and credit card offers are several ways others can obtain your personal information. If a credit card has been opened in your name or money has been stolen from your bank accounts, you should retain legal representation right away.

We take the time to understand your needs urgently as well as examine all of the details surrounding your case to help us craft effective solutions.

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