Debt Lawsuits

If you’ve been served with a lawsuit by your creditor or other parties that own your debt, do not ignore it! This also includes business and contract dispute lawsuits.  If you choose to do so, or if you try to represent yourself in court without a debt defense lawyer, a default judgement or a final judgment in favor of the creditor is likely.

If this happens, you are vulnerable to collection tactics that your creditor is legally allowed to employ. These tactics can include garnishment of your bank account, post judgment discovery or a receiver being appointed over your assets. For best results, a default judgement must be avoided at all costs. Those who choose to ignore their debt lawsuit will most likely receive a default judgement without ever having knowledge of it.

How Can We Help?

Most debt lawsuits follow a similar process and once you understand the process, you can understand how to address the situation. We can help fight for a dismissal of your lawsuit or settle the debt with the creditor to significantly reduce the amount you owe by:

  • Filing a timely answer to your lawsuit
  • Request discovery documents from the creditor to obtain their evidence
  • Review the evidence and determine the best course of action
  • Defend against any motions for summary judgments filed by Plaintiff
  • Settle your case for a reduced balance
  • Fight your case at trial

As a debt lawsuit and settlement attorney, Wiley Legal, PLLC has the experience and knowledge to guide you through the process. We can provide effective representation that can secure your financial future and protect your rights immediately.

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